Remember the times when you were listening to the really great songs and these songs were really great. You always asked yourself what is really great about these songs, great artists, great musicians, great mixing engineers? The answer would probably be – they are all great. Techniques what made these mixes really sound great were good mixing and good audio mastering.

So what really is great audio mastering ?

Firstly we should discuss what is audio mastering. I would say a small correction of audio track, like the last brushstroke on a paint. After mastering song becomes more clear, more bright, wide and of course much more louder. There are lot of ways doing mastering and lot of mastering engineers have different techniques which are probably all good, but every technique gives a different understanding of a sound. There are lot of great sound engineers like Dave Pensado, Andrew Scheps, Chris Lord Alge and of course Jack Joseph Puig from whom I have learned a lot to do my mixes and nowadays these grate sound engineers are still doing great mixes.

What we use in audio mastering?

In mastering audio we use equalizers, post equalizers, compressors, multiband compressors, exciters, enhancers, wideners, limiters.

These devices that I show here up are used making mastering: